DNGB provides products and services for the Dutch housing market. Our vision: advanced technology and exceptional talent alone do not guarantee success. In a demanding housing market environment, it is essential to have a strong client centric approach involving understanding client’s exact needs and requirements. Our goal is to become the leading Dutch Residential Real-estate Platform, with a focus on clients and quality and standing on a solid foundation of outstanding technology and unique distribution network.

Our mission is to have long-term comprehensive relationships with our clients, based on fair and objective guidance and clear communication. DNGB is a firm driven by values and depends on those values for achieving her strategic goals. DNGB was founded in 2009 with the aim to develop an innovative leasehold product for the Dutch housing market and set the new standard for public/private.
Dutch residential leasehold. DNGB has developed, with an in-house team of software engineers, a best-in-class proprietary leasehold cloud based software platform. This enables DNGB to streamline and control all the core components of leasehold (origination, underwriting, servicing and reporting).

Next to leasehold, DNGB is also involved in the development of new applications and tools for the residential real-estate market, for instance Wopromo was introduced in 2016.