Servicing is an activity through which an organisation conducts optimum management of the assets and the related performance. DNGB Servicer is specialised in managing ground lease contracts. It provides tailor-made services, supported by its in-depth knowledge and expertise of leaseholds. Lessees whose contracts are managed by DNGB Servicer have online access to their own files. Our experience and special market position enable us to provide ground lessors and lessees with unique solutions.


Ground leasehold is a real right which gives the lessee the power to hold and to use the immovable thing of another person (Article 5:85(1) of the Dutch Civil Code). Second only to ownership, the right of ground lease can be considered the most comprehensive right of use and enjoyment in respect of immovable property. A ground lease contract is generally a long-term agreement between a lessee and the landowner (ground lessor). Managing a ground lease contract requires a specific approach that is geared to the relationship with your client - the lessee - and is based on the ground lease contract.

Ground leases may be granted by a municipality, a housing corporation, or the Netherlands National Forest Service (Staatsbosbeheer), but also, increasingly, by private individuals and private organisations. By outsourcing the management of ground lease contracts, you will have more time to devote to your core business or make your services more flexible. Evaluations and reports will provide you with insight into our work. We invite you to benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

Landowners (also called lessors) who entrust DNGB Servicer with management are prepared to render their ground lease contracts transparent. This means that the lessee has insight at all times into his own situation with regard to the home and the terms and conditions of the contract. All relevant documents relating to the home and the ground lease contract are directly available online. Documents that a lessee can view directly regarding his home include: the purchase agreement, title, ground lease terms and conditions, land register data, mortgage deed, soil assessment report, and the annual ground-rent summary for tax purposes.

Lessors can access reports and related portfolio documents via the online IT portal at all times.